Corporate Learning Goes Web 2.0

Jeanne C Meister over at the New Learning Playbook has an excellent article about corporate LMS systems and thier need to evolve to match the millenials style of learning. I encourage you to read this brief article and challenge your own company on what they are doing to keep up.

Article Quote:

“Learning is becoming more mobile. Millennials view the Internet as something that comes to them not something they go to. With over 2 billion mobile devices in use, mobiles have now eclipsed PC’s in the marketplace. We should remember that as we consider delivery options for current and new programs. At Sun Microsystems, technical training is being delivered globally to field engineers on their iPhones, seems like this model will continue to gain traction in the coming months.”

To read article click here.

3 responses to “Corporate Learning Goes Web 2.0

  1. Nick
    Thanks for the link to your blog. The world of corporate learning is going through vast changes and look forward to hearing from your readers.
    Jeanne Meister

  2. Thanks for the heads-up – link is fixed.

  3. The link to the article does not work.

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