Is China the New Utopia

Since I hear so much about China in the news, workforce, and seemingly everywhere else I started to wonder is China going to be the place to be for the future of work, innovation, and a strong economy. Does China have the chance to be Utopian in some aspects?  So naturally I had to research this to see how the people of China feel about – well being Chinese and living in China. Below is a chart from a study that was done that asks them how big of a problem things are in their life. I also included some bullet points below of things that I was surprised to learn.

  • China’s “one-child policy” is overwhelmingly accepted. Roughly three-in-four (76%) approve of the policy, which restricts most couples to a single child.
  • Few Chinese have heard much about product recalls in their country — only 1% have heard a lot, while 15% have heard a little about this issue.
  • There is no consensus about what countries one can emigrate to in order to lead a good life, although Australia (22%), Canada (17%) and the United States (15%) are the top choices.
  • Most Chinese (77%) agree that “children need to learn English to succeed in the world today,” but this is down substantially from 2002, when 92% agreed with this view.
  • More than one-in-three Chinese report using the internet (38%) and owning a computer (36%), and one-in-four send email at least occasionally. The use of information technology is more common among the young, educated, wealthy and urban.
  • Television continues to be the primary source for national and international news for most Chinese (96% say it is one of their top two sources). Newspapers are a distant second (56%), and as in much of the world, readership is on the decline.
  • A small but growing number of Chinese are going online for news (13% name it as one of their top two sources), especially people with a college education and those under age 30.

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