Three Free Ways to Give Your Employee Gas Relief

Many employers want to help their employees save money. On the downside, many employers are also feeling pinched by price increases and may not be able to help out much (besides, you know, providing a job that pays money). So here are three free things you can do to help your employees without incurring costs:

1. Flexible Time – Allowing employees to come in during non-rush times is a huge advantage. Imagine a 20 mile commute that usually takes 45-75 minutes to complete. During non-rush times, this can be reduced to 30 minutes. Not only is that an advantage gas wise, it is also an advantage time wise.

2. Compressed Work Week – Along the same lines as flexible time, you can allow your employees to come in one less day a week. Utah state offices are on the verge of doing it and not only is it a big plus with the employees, they also get more coverage (state agencies can be open from 7am-6pm with staggered schedules). One group can work M-Th and the other can work Tu-F (I’d prefer the latter).

3. Telecommuting – If a person’s job is done mainly on computer, at least part of the work week can be spent at home. You can have a person telecommute on Monday and Friday and come into the office Tuesday through Thursday.

And if these changes aren’t radical enough for you, you can go to a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) where there are no meetings, no mandatory hours and everyone is evaluated based on their contribution.

On the flip side, every employer can think of reasons not to implement these sorts of changes. Instead of thinking that way, think of ways you can implement these because for something that costs you nothing (or close to nothing), it is certainly a huge benefit for employees.

HT: Your HR Guy

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