Is that Picture For Real?

We all get the forwarded emails from our uncles, parents, and of course our co-workers. Typically the story is very compelling and we tell it to other people only to find out some time later that it is bogus. Thanks to sites like who verify all of those freaky, chilling, scary, and just plain weird stories you are able to reply to that co-worker with a “hey check your facts email”.

Well has gone even farther than verifying stories. Now they are verifying pictures too. I am sure your corporate I.T. department is thrilled with all of those believe it or not pictures flying from co-worker to co-worker, but now even those can be verified. has launched a Fauxtography section to their site. So the next time you get an email with a man spinning a Honda Accord on his head you can see if it is real.

Click here to start checking your spam pictures out.

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