Diploma Mill BUSTED! and Buyers Publicly Named

It is sad to say that people are willing to cross ethical boundaries in order to obtain a fake degree, especially with all the opportunities for higher education in today’s digital age. Apparently there over 10,000 fake doctors, high school graduates, computer software engineers with great looking degrees claiming they are Ph.D’s, MBA’s, and everything else you can imagine. Well, at least for now some have been busted and named. The sad thing is that the positions these people obtained with their fake degrees are pretty amazing. We’re talking military, government agencies, educational institutions, police work and even a NASA employee. You may inadvertently have even hired some of these people and not even know it – because you must not be doing education verifications. So check the list and let the chips fall where they may.

Moral of the story: Education verification is a very good thing.

To see the list of names of those that have bought these phony degrees and to check out your employee roster click here.

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