Tips For Your Employees to Save Gas

With the cost of gas now becoming a factor for the cost of lost employees, passing out ways to save on gas may just help with retention as well. The biggest suggestion I can give you (which is also the most difficult) is that changing your driving habits will offer the biggest improvement to your fuel economy (at least until Winter comes and we load up our cars and trucks with 75lb bags of sand).


Using a Ford Mustang and a Land Rover as test vehicles, conducted tests in real-world conditions to see what habits might help you to conserve pricy fuel.


Their best finds included:

·     Using cruise control increased gas mileage up to 14 percent.

·     Avoiding hard acceleration and braking saved up to 37 percent.

·     Driving the speed limit saved as much as 14 percent.


To see more of what really saves gas and what doesn’t from the Edmunds study click here.

2 responses to “Tips For Your Employees to Save Gas

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