Webinar Alert: Dynamic Shifts In The U.S. Labor Force; Are Your Work Options Fixed Or Flexible?

Join Manpower Professional on Wednesday, August 20 from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. CDTas we host a complimentary webinar entitled, Dynamic Shifts In The U.S. Labor Force; Are Your Work Options Fixed Or Flexible?

 We invite you to learn more about contemporary working from Mike Power, Director of Human Resources at Manpower. During this informative webinar Mike will review implications of a changing labor force and the benefits of implementing flexible work options. In his current role Mike provides overall direction of HR engagement and execution to align and execute HR programs with business strategies.  In this position, he focuses on change management, leadership capability, performance management, sales capability, talent acquisition, talent management and employee relations.  Mike has successfully led large scale change management initiatives, and effectively implemented technology and business solutions within large business environments.  Before joining Manpower, Mike held HR positions with Discover Financial Services, Morgan Stanley and McDonald’s.

After your participation in this webinar, you will:

1. Have a better understanding of dynamic shifts in the U.S. labor force and their implications for employers

2. Understand how to propose and create a flexible work options policy

3. Have had the opportunity to review realized results of Fortune 500 companies

 Click on the link below to register for this event and learn about other upcoming webinars.



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