Test Finds Correlation Between Favorite Colors and Careers

It’s long been understood that color can affect your mood, but what about your career choices? What do the colors you are drawn to say about your suitability for certain careers?

The Color Career Counselor, a new online personality test offered by CareerBuilder, is the only validated color-based personality test that looks at the relationship between colors and career compatibility. The free test can be found at www.careerpath.com, a CareerBuilder.com site that offers career assessment tests and advice to help workers find more fulfilling careers.

The Color Career Counselor, powered by the Dewey Color System, uses a scientifically validated, color-based, online test to aid job seekers in determining what career best suits them.

“Seventy-four percent of U.S. workers report they have changed careers at least once,” said Liz Harvey, director of consumer products for CareerBuilder.com. “The first step in finding a fulfilling career is learning more about you. The Color Career Counselor is the first test of its kind to provide relevant career path information with results in less than two minutes.”

When taking the color test, job seekers are asked to select the colors they like and dislike from a system of 3,375 combinations. Favorite colors represent their hopes and aspirations, the ideals they pursue with passion, while least favorite colors highlight the issues and experiences that they try to avoid. Below find preferred color combination examples from the multi-patented Dewey Color System:

Yellow, Green and White: You’re the Designer

You make products, systems, services or environments fit others’ needs. Even when co-workers aren’t in the mood to listen, your tactful, fact-based concerns enable them to appreciate different perspectives. Interior decorating, real estate, career counseling, computer programming, travel planning or any job where you can recommend how to construct a more supportive world works best.

Blue, Green and Brown: You’re the Dream Maker

You are at your best when you are supporting people through periods of crisis or fixing things. Your realistic approach can identify practical solutions or quickly resolve issues. Since you see life from a hands-on, supportive
perspective, consider being a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, corporate trainer, chiropractor, forest ranger or carpenter.

Red, Orange and Black: You’re the Evaluator
You increase profitability by constantly examining, in detail, the most efficient way to accomplish tasks. Using facts, compiled from past mistakes and successes, you deliver strong opinions with valuable perspectives that maximize the bottom line. Consider support situations such as banking, operational support, computer repair, child care, or selling supportive products.

“Instead of relying on traditional questionnaires, this language-free test eliminates misinformed judgments, self-deceptions and misinterpreted questions to reveal your core motivation,” said Dewey Sedka, author and CEO of the Dewey Color System.

So does this make sense, or do you think this is crazy? Speak up! What color are you?

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