New Visual Search Engine:

If you are a visual learner like me then you are really going to love this new search engine. It is called and it is a visual search engine unlike anything I have seen – now before you write it off as some flash in the pan all glitz no glitter product, let me tell you it’s good. The interface is incredibly clean, fast and intuitive, the search results are good and I would assume get even better when it comes out of beta.

Try once and I bet you will be hooked trying all kinds of different searches it really does make searching more fun. They have two of the coolest search engine features I have ever seen:

Searchme Stacks

Searchme Stacks extend visual search into the bookmark space and across the Web, allowing users to assemble collections of their favorite web pages in one place and easily share them in an elegant, viral way. To create Stacks such as “My Daily News Sites,” “Top Ten Videos,” “Web 2.0 Articles,” or “Summer Vacation Research,” users click on the “stacks” button at, choose “new,” then drag and drop Searchme results pages into a custom Stack. Users can then click the “share” button and follow a few simple steps to send the Stack via email or post it to a blog, web site, Facebook® profile or® page. To view a Stack, users simply click on the link in the email or the Stack icon anywhere on the Web, and it opens as a gallery of results pages.

Searchme Media Search

Searchme Media Search leverages the power of visual search to help users find what they’re looking for on sites like YouTube™ and Flickr™. Users simply click on the “video” or “image” buttons on the Searchme site to choose the type of media they’re looking for, then scroll through their results to quickly identify the correct video or picture.

I feel like a corporate shill writing this, but hey good technology is always worth raving about.

2 responses to “New Visual Search Engine:

  1. After looking at that one I would say it needs quite a bit of work to get to the level of

  2. Good info.
    There is a new search engine. The new visual search engine, it is only for kids.

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