Buzz Words Voted Out!

A recent survey identified the “most annoying industry buzzwords” in the eyes of senior executives.

Among the losers:

“Outside the box”

“Synergy” (I have my own personal hatred for this one)

“The big idea” (Although I do love the TV show)


“Paradigm shift”


“Integrated solution”

“CRM” (Customer Relationship Management)


“Voice of the customer”

“Critical mass”

“Buzz” (Unless it is in reference to caffeine and getting more quicker – forget the word)

“Make it pop”

“Break through the clutter”

“Take it to the next level”


“Free value”

“Organic growth”

If you are the creative type you can make a buzz word bingo card for your next company gathering/meeting and use these outlawed word’s to fill in the blocks – first one with five in a row yell’s “Mission critical” and wins!!!

2 responses to “Buzz Words Voted Out!

  1. I have to agree with you on that one. Although it is hard to think of a better name. Maybe “hip lingo” – maybe not.

  2. Buzzword is and annoying buzzword

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