Gen Y Likes Face to Face Meetings

Techno-savvy Generation Yers still favor face-to-face meetings at work, despite their heavy dependence on email and mobile phone services, according to a national study. Of the 20-to-25-year-olds surveyed, 64 per cent said email played a critical role in their work.

Fifty-six per cent found phone communication to be important and 69 per cent said SMS text messaging had no useful role. The survey, conducted by independent consulting firm AH Revelations, found Generation Y workers value interactive bosses and colleagues who can give them honest feedback.

AH Revelations executive director Avril Henry said feed back was crucial in helping them gain more experience, fair remuneration and leadership skills. Henry said face-to-face meetings enabled Gen Yers to understand others’ personal emotions and feelings towards work projects, and achieve more productivity.

She said they felt email and mobile phones were more useful at the university and for socializing with friends outside of the workplace, as their bosses were not as familiar with the technology. Gen Y workers were willing to be ‘‘extremely loyal’’ to bosses who were more interactive and expressed how important their contribution was to the teamwork environment. But Gen Y was not willing to sacrifice starting a family for work.

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