Political Correctness Does Hurt Retention

Below is a couple of paragraphs and a link to an article I wrote for the Des Moines Business Record on political correctness. I encourage you to read it and think through the subject – would love to hear comments and thoughts on it.


This is a subject I have put quite a bit of thought into. For the last decade or so, I have been a manager of people. I am always thinking about retention, and wondering if I am doing everything I can to keep my employees engaged in their jobs. I also come from California, where political correctness is the theme of every management training session.

I have noticed that in employers’ zeal to not offend anyone, they have sucked the life out of the work environment. I admit Iowa is not nearly as bad as what I experienced in California. Still, I would bet there are some organizations here that take things to what I would consider an unhealthy level.

To continue reading click here.

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