One in Five Bosses Screens Applicants’ Web Lives

Written references could become old hat for hiring managers with one in five saying they use social networking sites to research job candidates — and a third of them dismissing the candidate after what they discover.

A survey by online job site of 3,169 hiring managers found 22 percent of them screened potential staff via social networking profiles, up from 11 percent in 2006.

An additional nine percent said they don’t currently use social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace to screen potential employees but they do plan to start.

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2 responses to “One in Five Bosses Screens Applicants’ Web Lives

  1. I hear ya – especially about the puking pic.

    It is still a legal grey area as it relates to making employment offers and being included as part of the hiring process. The biggest concern is it could make you privy to information that you are legally not allowed to ask in an interview. Like religion, lifestyle, disabilities etc.

    The one thing the Gen Y’s have not realized is that online info lasts forever. Of course at that age I probably wouldn’t care much either. 😉

  2. Wow! I’d have estimated 75% by now. Unreal. I POINT people online and say, “just search for my name, I’m just behind the NPR host and the singer/songwriter.” I would never hire someone w/o digging around in the online world. It’s AMAZING what you find when you take a peek. So anyone want to work for me? 🙂 I was in college once too but I’d be looking for positives like blog writing and other social contribution. Pictures of puking on a bender…not so much.

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