So How Networked are You?

Just over half of American adults (53%) say that they are currently employed with full or part-time work. Among those who are employed, 62% could be considered “Networked Workers” who use the internet or email at their workplace.

Networked Workers are not only connected while at work, but they are also more likely than average Americans to have access to a wide array of technological assets outside of the workplace. They are more likely to own cell phones, desktop and laptop computers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Among Networked Workers:

  • 93% own a cell phone, compared with 78% of all American adults.
  • 85% own a desktop computer, compared with 65% of all adults.
  • 61% own a laptop computer, compared with 39% of all adults.
  • 27% own a Blackberry, Palm or other personal digital assistant, compared with 13% of all adults.

Do you think these numbers will change as Gen Y continues to enter the workforce?

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