Crazy Business or Brilliant Start-Up? #6

Demonstrating that it’s possible to profit from any human desire, Sarah’s Smash Shack was conceived to relieve people who are stressed-out. Customers in San Diego can choose fragile tableware from the Smash Shack Menu—for example a set of three glass flowers for USD $10, or the House Special, which consists of 15 plates at a cost of USD $45. They’re also welcome to bring in their own breakables to pulverize for a ‘corkage fee’ that starts at USD $20. After donning protective gear, smashers are escorted to one of the break rooms, where they stand behind a waist-high barrier and hurl their arsenal at a stainless steel wall. To make the process more personalised, customers are encouraged to bring their own soundtrack on MP3, and to write messages on whatever they’re about to throw. There’s also the option of flinging objects at a photo or mantra of choice. A VIP room is available for group smashes.

Since August 2008, the shack has helped quite a few customers vent their frustration and release their tension. Or just plain enjoy the process of harmless destruction without having to clean up after themselves. It’s hard to tell whether the credit crunch has benefited or hindered the business’s success, making customers thriftier but also more stressed and up for smashing… Aware that it’s not cool not to care about the environment, the shack donates its broken glass and ceramic to mosaic art programs throughout the United States.

While the whole concept might sound a bit nutty, this could be a lucrative small business to set up elsewhere, especially for entrepreneurs who can get their hands on cheap vacant retail space for a year or two. Entry costs are relatively low and, well, that human urge to smash stuff is universal 😉



2 responses to “Crazy Business or Brilliant Start-Up? #6

  1. I think you may on to something – although you would probably have to be in a decent size market. But, you never know small town America may want to smash stuff to.

  2. I actually like this idea. Not only would I like to go in for a session of breaking stuff myself, but I think there is franchising potential here to satisfy the needs of stressed out people all around the country.

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