Video: Revenge of the Gen Y (Gen We) – It is Coming

This is an excellently produced video about Gen Y (Gen We) and what they want. If you have any interest in understanding Gen Y (Gen We) you must watch this video. I have to say I was incredibly surprised at how compelling it is. Now Go Watch it! =)

5 responses to “Video: Revenge of the Gen Y (Gen We) – It is Coming

  1. That was a great video. I just hope that enthusiasm is tempered with wisdom.

  2. good food for thought. hey i guess we’ll see what happens as the “we” generation now enters a workforce that doesn’t know what “job security” is nor what “9-5” means in all likelihood.

  3. Doug, I would have to agree with you on a lot of your points. It would not have been hard to make a similar video about X’ers like myself although as you know we do not have the size of Gen Y =(. That said, while there are always certain generational distinctives, you cannot broad brush a whole generation “one way” – there are plenty of Y’ers content to do no more than sit in a coffee shop with headphones surfing the net and ignoring the rest of the world. I think some of the video is very aspirational, although I really do wish/hope the Y’ers were/are truly as motivated by what we see in that video.

    I like the video and the idea behind it, but unifying a generation is what the boomers tried and it didn’t work.

  4. oops, i forgot, i’m gen X. Sorry. that stems from my gen X lack of caring about anything in particular :0

  5. i try to explain to people that they need to adapt now because this gen “we” will be in positions of leadership within X years. when you have one as a boss and say that boss does everything remotely/electronically/via something you’re uncomfortable with…what will you do?

    my biggest challenge with the video is that it positions this generation as being in a pretty bad place in a lot of ways. one could argue that this is true (debt/education/etc). but most of this generation has been raised with those “darn baby boomer” parents helicoptering around and providing a life of relative ease (broadly speaking). not surprisingly, they didn’t show large contingents of we’s lounging at Starbucks with ear buds in and texting the day away…a common scene across America. this generation has been raised in a period of unparalleled economic prosperity…again broadly speaking.

    the claim that 1 in 3 people will have diabetes seems high. considering that type 2 is heavily due to obesity…and could easily be argued “a choice”, it seems odd that this stat would be used considering this generation is so heavily geared towards fixing things.

    don’t confuse my challenges of the video with not believing in the generation or its goals. anytime i’m confronted with a piece that is designed to make me feel a certain way about a massive group, it makes me scramble to a place of reality so i can adapt/learn/and practically apply in my business.

    doug mitchell, gen Y old guy (36)

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