Executive Retention is a Problem, Too

Below is my latest article from the Des Moines Business Record on Executive Retention. Please feel free to comment after reading it, I would love to hear your insight and opinion on the topic.


When I go out and speak to companies and organizations about the world of work, inevitably someone will ask me about retention. Typically, the question is framed around the lowest ranks of the company. I’ve yet to be asked about retention strategies targeted toward executives. You may not think executive retention is an issue. Think again.

The average tenure for company executives in America is four years. For a position that is expensive to fill and incredibly important for a company’s survival, I think a four-year average is barely enough to get any return on investment.

To read the whole article click here.

2 responses to “Executive Retention is a Problem, Too

  1. Thank you Rajaram – I appreciate your feedback and hope you will continue to stop by.

  2. Nick,

    u hav a gr8 blog. Though most of ur articles are US-centric, I (from India) find it very useful.

    Keep posting.

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