Employee Engagement Deteriorates as Financial Crisis Worsens


In the wake of recent economic turmoil, employee engagement figures to be more critical to business health than ever, yet new scientific research shows employee engagement on the decline. A recent national study by Modern Survey has shown employee engagement levels dropping in every category measured, including a 7% decline in the number of employees that say they “take pride in their company.”

A scientific study of national worker opinions by Modern Survey confirms that employee engagement as a whole has clearly declined over the last year. An astonishing 21% of U.S. workers were actively disengaged as of this past August when the study was conducted, a difference of four percentage points from August 2007.

Included in this national study were five questions that measure the extent to which employees take pride in their company, believe they have a promising future at their company, recommend their company as a great place to work, go “above and beyond” their normal job duties to help their company succeed, and intend to stay with their company.

These questions were first posed to a nationally representative sample of the U.S. workforce in August of 2007, then again in August of 2008. The survey was conducted via the internet, and was completed by 1000 U.S. adults (18+ years old) who matched census data in terms of age, gender and region.

All five components of the Engagement Index show erosion in favorability, and organizational pride shows the largest (and most statistically significant) decline over the last year, dropping from 78% favorable in 2007 to 71% in 2008.

Now only about half of respondents said they are willing to put in extra effort to help their company succeed and only about half say they intend to stay with their company for a long time, both figures reflect a five percentage point drop from 2007.

2 responses to “Employee Engagement Deteriorates as Financial Crisis Worsens

  1. That would be great, I love good information!

  2. We are also measuring employee engagement at our firm. I am looking forward to seeing the results. I’ll pass them along, Nick.

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