Are You a 360 Executive, Manager, Worker?


With all the news about layoffs and downsizing I thought I would tackle the subject of relevancy at work. The more relevant you are to your company the better the odds that you won’t be the one being let go. I wrote this for the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.


At first glance that may seem like a strange question. In actuality, it is probably one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. Can you honestly say, “Yes, I am 360!” Can you honestly say, “I know what it means to be 360.” From what I see, most people in the workforce would have to answer “no” on both.

Your next question would probably be, “what the heck is a 360 and how do I become it?” Being 360 means you understand everything about the business where you work and what’s going on around you. Most managers and executives focus only on their area of supervision and beyond that have a very superficial knowledge. Being 360 means you are fully engaged in the company and trying to understand how everything fits together and how to ultimately derive success.

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