BubbleTimer: Track the Time you Spend on your Goals


The basic idea behind the new time-tracking service BubbleTimer is that it’s not productive to track how you’re spending your time down to the minute. It makes more sense to bubble in your activities in 15 minute increments, and BubbleTimer lets you do that with one click. Once you’ve added some goals and gathered some data, BubbleTimer becomes a playground for info nerds.

You can export your data to programs like Excel and Apple Numbers, or you can create attractive tables and graphs from within BubbleTimer. BubbleTimer is all web-based, so you can update it from anywhere. It’s free to try, but if you get really addicted, you can buy a subscription for $20/year.

One response to “BubbleTimer: Track the Time you Spend on your Goals

  1. Thanks, that’s a great post!

    There is another nice web app specifically designed for
    tracking goals and todo list, and time tracking, etc, it is called GoalsOnTrack.com. It’s free at http://www.GoalsOnTrack.com.

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