Happy Thanksgiving and 4 Great Facts About Turkeys


Manpower Would like to wish you and yours a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

How does the pop-up timer know when your turkey is ready to eat?

The red plastic insert of the timer is embedded at the bottom in a solid glob of metal (similar to solder). As the turkey heats up, so does that metal. When the turkey reaches the prescribed temperature (185 degrees), the metal becomes completely liquid, and allows the spring-loaded red insert to shoot upwards.

Deep-frying the holiday turkey has become all the rage in recent years, but it’s important to read the instructions carefully.

Even then, turkey fryers can be dangerous. Back in 2002, Consumer Reports tested six different models and failed to certify any of them as safe. The reviews included words like “engulfed” and “flames.”

Ruth Siems, who worked as an economist with General Foods, was the brainchild behind Stove Top Stuffing Mix.

Although one of the selling points of Stove Top was to make stuffing a year-round side dish option, Kraft Foods (which now owns the brand) reports sales of around 60 million boxes every Thanksgiving season.

The aroma of a turkey cooking in a house all day may send your four-legged friends into a frenzy.

Experts warn that if you normally don’t feed poultry to your dog (or cat), Thanksgiving Day is not the time to start, no matter how cutely he begs. Turkey meat can cause abdominal pain to pets not accustomed to eating such a dish, and most veterinarians will be closed for the holiday.

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