‘Made in America’ Must make a Comeback


One thing the financial crisis shows is that the United States is in trouble because Americans have stopped making stuff.

It used to be that we made a lot of stuff: televisions, clothes, washing machines, radios, typewriters, shoes, telephones, and furniture. And we also used to make the stuff out of which stuff was made: steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber, glass, and electrical components. Today that’s largely made overseas. They send us their stuff and we send them our money.

It also used to be that Americans liked to make stuff. Think of all the things Thomas Edison invented. Or consider Henry Ford, who made the car affordable, perfected the assembly line, and paid workers a decent wage. Countless others, such as my grandfather, worked as toolmakers and machinists because they liked to work with their hands. Today we rely on people around the world to do that innovation for us.

To be sure, outsourcing has some benefits, but the danger in abrogating our desire to make things is that, in doing so, we forget what made America great. It wasn’t manipulating money; it was hard work and persistence. It wasn’t “flipping houses”; it was having a dream and being patient and self-sacrificing to achieve that dream. It wasn’t speculative gambling; it was belief in a line of labor that rewarded honest risk. Forgetting that contributes to America’s deterioration.

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3 responses to “‘Made in America’ Must make a Comeback

  1. I do hope we return to a country that makes more of it’s own goods. I think the evolution of this recession will ultimately make clear that we should have never of stepped away from manufacturing on so large a scale. While I know that MFG in the US had gotten expensive due to various factors of cost on employees, I hope we are past that era in order to be able to compete globally and regain our MFG expertise and stamina.

  2. Your absolutely right “the United States is in trouble because Americans have stopped making stuff.”

    Why isn’t our government explaining the fact that they got us in this mess years ago when they got involved in “GLOBALIZATION”. The government has been promoting outsourcing by giving (tax breaks) to USA companies that would agree to send our jobs away to so called poor countries so that their economies would improve. Now we know what it has done to our countrys economy…and nobody is talking about it. Except in the blogs.

    Globalization is not fair and needs to be fixed!

    This website is showing what product manufacturers we have left… http://madehereinamerica.com …support and buy “American made” products.

  3. I just ran accross your blog and am impressed. Keep up the good work.

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