Social Media to Replace Recruiters? Right, Just Like Robots Are Doing All the Work Today….


I love it when lame studies project the elimination of an entire industries.  Ever see the movie 2001?  Weren’t we all supposed to be chilling at this point, allowing the computers and robots to do all the work, while we moved toward the plane called self-actualization?

Right.. I know… We’re still doing the work. That sucks, but hey, it’s job security.

Here’s another bold prediction.  Some experts see the downfall of recruiting agencies, which you and I know as “headhunters”.  It seems this set of experts sees the rise of social networks, combines it with how the younger generations like to connect, and concludes that soon we won’t need headhunters.  The social networks of the younger generations will do the work, and the employee referral will rise as the preferred alternative to headhunters.

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