Yes, Generation Y Loyalty Does Exist


The header and link below is to an article I recently wrote for the Des Moines Business Record. I encourage you to read through it and I would love to hear your thoughts on Gen Y.


Before you start launching tomatoes and pelting me with empty pop cans, let me explain. I know when you see “Generation Y” and “loyalty” in the same sentence, you think it is an oxymoron along the classic lines of “military intelligence.” Well, I have news. The Gen-Y folks do have a strangely loyal generational distinction.

Let’s look at a couple of things before I broad-brush the whole generation loyal. First, the members of Generation Y are often accused of being the most self-centered generation ever. They have been called the “me” generation, and to capitalize on it, they have Web pages all about themselves, using social media to share with the world more and more about themselves. They love, which allows them to tell all their friends and family exactly what they are doing in real-time microbursts.

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