No Recession for Me!


I have taken a stand that even if there’s some bad ecomonic news, I am going to still think positive! Holton Sentivan + Gury and j2 communications invite you to stand up and choose NOT to participate in the recession!Everyone who signs up will have their names included in an upcoming Wall Street Journal ad that will tell Wall Street and Americans that we refuse to wallow in bad financial news, and will continue to do what we do even better in ’09! Stand up and be proud!

Click here to join the movement.

2 responses to “No Recession for Me!

  1. I have really tried to stop paying attention to the news. It has a draining no win effect that saps the life out of people, especially people already struggling to make lemonade from limes.

  2. Thanx for sharing Nick,

    This is one of the most powerful high impact articles I have read in awhile. It’s a breath of fresh air everyone needs to start breathing. I joined the movement prior to this comment.

    The “No accepting Recession – We’re fighting back” attitude is similar to what we tell our members every week during our FREE career management conference global call, which available to all professionals around the world.

    We suggest people not watch the news or read news papers before going to bed and stay the course with their job search. There are opportunities out there. We tell each member “there 3 job offers with your name on it Right Now“. Then our leadership teaches people how to find those 3 job offers or business deals.

    Carl E. Reid, CSI & Developer of
    Career Management Swiss Army Knife w/Smart Radar by Empowering Today’s Professionals

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