Manpower Around the World, Part 4

Today in our around the World with Manpower Journey we come to Italy. You may not know this but Manpower offers a tremendous amount of training opportunities to its customers and candidates, no matter what part of the world you are located in. For our candidates it is always free! For our customers though we do charge =( – Manpower Italy does a fantastic job of training local workers throughout the Country and upskilling them as well as reskilling them. Below is a picture from their training website if you speak Italian or want to go to Italy for some skills training, you can click on the picture to visit.

As is an on-going theme with this Manpower Around the World theme, I am Italian – but no I do not speak Italian.


Manpower Italy also has an incredible partnership with CNBC in Italy and together they put out a video magazine dealing with work issues facing Italy. They interview politicians, journalists and others making news and/or willing to give insight and commentary on those issues. This project has been very well received and attracts a tremendous amount of viewers.

Click on picture if you would like to visit the site:


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