Book of the Year 2009!


It is January 5th, 2009 and the book of the year contest is already over. Yes; over. How did I come to this conclusion you may ask – it is simple. I have read G.L. Hoffman’s new book Dig Your Job: Keep it or Find a New One. Whether you are laid off or working this book is a hilarious treasure trove of insight and wisdom. I loved G.L.’s no nonsense approach to the ins-and-outs of the world of work. I highly recommend you read this book, I especially recommend that you put it into the hands of every Gen Y’r and graduating Senior this year – believe me the straight talk will do them good.

A little about the author:

G.L. Hoffman knows how to play the game and has done so in a way that allows him to sleep well every night. His latest company is an employment media business where a million people visit his newspapers and website ( each week. His work allows him to understand the ins and outs of HR people and those hunting for work.

G.L. is a true breath of fresh air in this time when everyday uncovers a new scandal or corruption. He has successfully raised millions of dollars for his start ups over the years and is someone who has reached the pinnacle of professional and personal success in the good ol’ fashioned, hard working, honest way—dry wit included. Because of this, he has been a sought-after mentor for countless jobseekers and others who just want to do better at their current job. When he’s not putting out fires and setting the agenda and tone for his business, he’s happily sharing his wisdom–writing a blog for US NEWS and WORLD REPORT, giving a commencement speech, or writing a book.

To order the book or find out more about it click here.

2 responses to “Book of the Year 2009!

  1. While I know you didn’t write the book knowing these uncertain times were around the corner. It really is the right book at the right time to help people.

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