Crazy Business or Brilliant Start-Up? #8


Last summer I heard about Lifebooker, a free service that lets users search, browse and book discounted appointments at health and beauty spots in New York City. In much the same vein—and in the same city—ZocDoc brings similar time-saving capabilities to the booking of appointments with doctors and dentists.

Aiming to make healthcare simpler, ZocDoc lets users make appointments with the Big Apple’s dentists and doctors instantly and online, 24/7. Users simply search for the type of appointment they need—the site currently offers primary care, dermatology, ophthalmology, ENT, orthopedics, OB/GYN and dentistry—and they get a list of immediately bookable appointments in their area. Background details and patient reviews are available for each doctor and dentist listed on the site, and ZocDoc can also filter results by location and insurance accepted. Launched into beta in late 2007, the site is free to use.

Last month, ZocDoc was named the winner of the Boost Your Business Contest. And, of particular note for Springwise readers, the site is working with Dr. Jay Parkinson—whose ideas for Web 2.0 medicine we’ve covered twice before—with an API for Hello Health‘s platform. One to partner with or emulate in other parts of the world….?



One response to “Crazy Business or Brilliant Start-Up? #8

  1. In much the same vein as ZocDoc, SpaBooker offers a hosted reservations and POS system that is already using to allow real-time wellness reservations.

    Additionally, SpaBooker has consumable API’s for adding real-time booking to other sites, as well as a commission structure for partners to actually make some money.

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