The 10 Worst Jobs in America Today


If you’re lucky enough to have one of America’s 10 best jobs, you most likely enjoy a pleasant, low-stress work environment. But even the best jobs can be unsatisfying for some people. In those cases it may be time to seek a new position, but only if you’re very careful in your selection. For example, if you’re a desk jockey with dreams of dumping the rat race, you might want to consult’s rankings before saying goodbye to your cubicle. According to our empirical data, many of the nation’s worst jobs involve physical labor and extended time in the great outdoors.

Based on research into 200 different positions, this year’s report concludes that while mathematician earns the coveted title of America’s best job, the career squarely at the bottom of our rankings is lumberjack. What makes being a lumberjack so unappealing? Also known as loggers, lumberjacks perform backbreaking physical labor in an unpleasant environment — detriments that also apply to our next-worst job, dairy farmer, which requires employees to rise with the dawn and work hard for a minimum of 50 hours every week. Despite their privations, both positions pay less than the salary earned by an entry-level bookkeeper.

Rounding out the 10 worst careers are jobs saddled with other glaring deficiencies. Taxi drivers deal with crime and the stress of traffic all day, while a seaman is away from home for most of the year while dealing with storms and pirates. Roustabouts, who maintain oil rigs and pipelines, shoulder intense physical demands in a dangerous environment, while the disadvantages of being a garbage collector are pretty self-explanatory. Not one of the positions in’s lowest rung has an average annual salary above $40,000.

If you’re considering a career change, the following are your worst overall options.

Click here to see the list.

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