The Virtual Conference Center has Arrived!


Either this is really cool or really weird – think Second Life for meetings.

Virtualis is the largest and most meticulously-designed convention center in the revolutionary, 3D computer-generated world of Second Life. Mirroring lavish real-world convention centers with lush grounds, Virtualis is owned and operated by real life meeting and event management professionals boasting state of the art facilities with educational breakout rooms, a grand ballroom, exhibition halls and special event space to be used for networking and social gatherings or virtual team building events. Virtualis integrates state-of-the-art technology making your programs powerful, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Virtualis is a non-traditional meeting and exhibition facility breaking all the barriers of traditional brick and mortar settings. Virtualis is flexible in not only use of space, but offers participants the ability to attend virtually from individual work stations globally or combine a live event with virtual attendees streaming in live or recorded audio and video to your virtual attendees.

Thought: The More I Become an Avatar (Mii, Xbox 360, Virtualis, SecondLife) the Less I Need to Leave the House. Is That a Good Thing?

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