7 Reasons to Use a Recruiter in your Job Search


This is from a post on MSN Careerbuilder that I actually thought was pretty decent and interesting. And no, I am not just saying that because I work for a recruiting company – or am I???

1. It’s free.

2. Recruiters get to know you and put you in companies where your career can flourish. You can be honest with a headhunter in terms of your likes and dislikes when it comes to an employer. Since a good recruiter should know the ins and outs of a company, he or she uses these details to find a job best suited to you.

3. They can negotiate a higher salary for you. Recruiters have better knowledge of the job market and salary ranges for different positions. Generally, it’s to the headhunter’s advantage to obtain a higher salary for the candidate, says Kelly Smith, a corporate contract recruiter. Usually, recruiters are paid a fee based on the overall salary that a candidate receives, so they will work to negotiate a realistic salary for both parties.

4. They can get the inside scoop. Headhunters know their clients. They work with them over and over again so they know what the company is truly looking for in an employee, says Lori Marcus, principal for Quad656. They can prepare you for a company’s interview style, tell you what types of questions interviewers may ask, inform you of its pet peeves, tell you where and why others have failed to get to the next step and how to get the information from them that you may need to make a decision as to whether it’s the best fit for you.

Smith says recruiters can also give the candidate the dirt on a company’s corporate culture as well as requirements for the job that may not be written in the job description.

5. You don’t have to wait to hear back from someone. Some human resource departments are notorious for not getting back to candidates or for taking weeks to do so, Harrington says. Recruiters have immediate contact with hiring managers so you don’t have to wait for anyone to contact you. They get you an answer one way or another.

6. Recruiters can identify opportunities that may not be advertised and that really exist. Recruiters have leads on positions you may never hear about otherwise, says Lindsay Olson, a recruiter and partner with Paradigm Staffing, a staffing firm that specializes in placing public relations and communications professionals. Some companies use headhunters to fill confidential positions that they don’t want to post publicly. When you hear of a job through a recruiter, you know there is actually an opening.

7. You can get feedback and guidance from recruiters before interviews. When you meet with a recruiter, you can get specialized pointers before going on interviews, says Jodi Smith, a human resources professional and etiquette consultant. From advice on purchasing a different tie, perfecting a firmer handshake and better eye contact, to specific feedback on how to phrase answers and helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses, candidates can polish their image and be prepared before meeting with a hiring manager.

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