Manpower and Junior Achievement Team to Teach Youth Career Success Skills


I am thrilled to be a part of this project on the local level here in Des Moines. There is truly nothing better than helping kids to focus on their future and prepare for a successful transition into the world of work.


Junior Achievement (JA) and Manpower Inc., a provider of employment services, announced the launch of a joint initiative to provide young people from around the world with work-readiness skills through a hands-on educational program. The program, JA Success Skills, aims to help students learn how to find, secure and keep a job, and provides them with tools designed to develop personal strategies for long-term career success.

“JA Success Skills will unite a generation of students in the common goal of further developing a prosperous, stable global marketplace,” said Sean C. Rush, president and CEO of JA Worldwide.

“Manpower is dedicated to preparing individuals of any age around the world to excel in the workplace,” said Jeff Joerres, chairman and CEO of Manpower Inc. “Our partnership with JA demonstrates our commitment to sharing our expertise with the workforce of the future.”

The program will kick off globally in March, and will be featured at the JA-YE Europe Skills for the Future Summit in Brussels, Belgium, April 1 to 2.

The summit will highlight skills such as expertise in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work-readiness. Event attendees will include European Commission officials, business leaders and policy makers and JA and Manpower representatives. Volunteers from Manpower’s Brussels operation will deliver the “JA-in-a-Day” version of JA Success Skills in English to students attending the event, and Manpower representatives will present “Skills for Employability.”

2 responses to “Manpower and Junior Achievement Team to Teach Youth Career Success Skills

  1. Lisa,

    Thanks for your comment – I love JA and the exposure they give kids to the world of work. We are in a great business that allows us to open their imaginations to types of work opportunities they may never have thought of. Keep up the great work!

  2. I think that is wonderful. Just 2 weeks ago I invited Brownie Troop 4144 from Peoria, IL to come to Manpower and gave them a tour of our facility, and then sat them down and tought them how the different subjects they take in school today relate to different types of careers. Also the theme that went along with that was “If I can see it, and I believe it, I can achieve it! This was a class of 25 girls ages 8-10yrs old. I helped them earn their Try-It Careers badge. I think that is something very important to instill in children when they are young. Alot of kids only know of a few careers. This opens their minds and introduces them to alot of other options. Good Luck! If there is anything I can help with let me know.

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