IBM Sends Laid off U.S. Workers Overseas at Local Wages


Employees laid off from IBM Corporation might be able to take advantage of a new program that keeps them employed in another division of the company. The catch? Employees must move abroad and start work with the regional division at local wages.

The program is called Project Match, company spokesperson Doug Shelton told The Industry Standard.

“For IBM, this is a unique creative approach to keeping some of those employees who have been affected,” Shelton said. “We’ve got about 400,000 employees in 170 countries and this is a natural move for us.”

The transition program, according to Shelton, is very similar to the company’s programs that help employees with other career transitions, into, for instance, teaching, government agencies and the non-profit sector.

Information Week reported that U.S. workers were being offered relocation options with IBM offices in India, China, Brazil, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates.

Shelton would not confirm the destination countries but said employees were being offered placements in several international locations. Compensation will be based on average local wages in the new location, he said.

A search on indicates that the average annual salary for a senior software engineer India with five to nine years of experience is about 605,000 rupees per year. That’s less than $15,000.

“It’s not a program that’s for everybody,” Shelton said. “Sometimes people are from another country, and this is an opportunity to get back to a home country with the support of IBM. It’s a win-win.”

Others potential candidates might be Americans in search of an adventure abroad, Shelton said.

So far, less than ten people have shown interest in the program.

Interested employees were asked to inform their managers, who will help find a job placement. Shelton could not provide more details since the program is still in infant stages.

The relocation offer was included in letters to employees that were being laid off on January 21st and January 27th.

This just seems so crazy to me, what about you?

HT: Sindya Bhanoo

One response to “IBM Sends Laid off U.S. Workers Overseas at Local Wages

  1. This program is insulting to IBMers that had their jobs eliminated as well as those that remain gainfully employed. IBM always seems to fly under the radar of press releases when they cut jobs. There appears to be at least 8,000 jobs eliminated in the U.S. and Canada this week and next week and little to no word in the press.

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