Finally a Way to Get Rid of Cubicle Butt


Ok, I am the first to be skeptical with just about anything that sounds to good to be true. It is probably generational – as an X’er I am naturally just that way. Then I hear about an energy drink that “allegedly” helps you burn calories after you drink it. I have no idea if their claim is true or not and of course like all things sold at GNC, the FDA cannot validate their claims – shocking right?

The drink is called Celsius and the claim they make is that you are drinking 10 calories and burning 100. I will be trying this drink at some point soon in hopes that sitting at my computer will become as much about exercise as it is about work. I figure if I drink 15 of these a day I will no longer need a gym membership and no more Sky-Walk walking clubs. Free at last!

The Skinny on Celsius:

Calories In: 10
Calories Burned: >100
Carbs: 0
Caffeine: 200mg
Energy From: Taurine, Guarana, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract (10% EGCG), Ginger Extract, B Vitamins. Chromium
Sodium: <1%

For more info on Celsius click here.

One response to “Finally a Way to Get Rid of Cubicle Butt

  1. I Prefer Energyfizz. Energyfizz is a Healthy Red Bull. A combo energy drink and vitamin supplement, the healthiest energy drink on the market. 41,667 RDA of B12 per serving. That is a b12 shot the athletes get” Watch this free video now at

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