Visual: Job Openings and Turnover – January 2009

On the last business day of January, there were 3.0 million job openings in the United States, and the job openings rate was 2.2 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today. The job openings rate fell in January, while the hires rate (3.3 percent) and the total separations rate (3.6 percent) were essentially unchanged. The annual rate for hires, total separations, and quits decreased in 2008 while the annual layoffs and discharges rate increased.


It is nice to see new hires picking up although it appears to have leveled off somewhat. Unfortunately seperations continued to increase in January and I anticipate based on what we know, we will see that trend continue for February. I do believe we will begin to see a reverse in the seperations trending as we move into March. I also believe we will see an uptick on new hires in it’s trending in March as well. While the recovery still seems to be months away and the uptick’s will not be huge, progress is progress.

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