Job Trends in Social Networking

The latest job trends for social networking are really no surprise. The explosion of these types of sites is amazing, including the fact that almost every other type of website is trying to include some type of social networking component, which 9 times out of 10 ranks very high on the lame scale. The future of these jobs in my mind is very uncertain since it is incredibly easy to start one of these sites/companies, yet incredibly difficult to gain any traction (I mean how many social networks can one person manage). Of course the final death knell could be that some companies are overly embracing social technology. A perfect example is Intel on Facebook which spawned the article “Intel’s 25 Random Things proves grownups are ruining Facebook“. The other side of this is the story I read from a friend about a guy that had to spend a half hour with his information technology people trying to explain how Twitter can be a business tool, and get them to unblock it. And the world keeps turning.

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