Crazy Business or Brilliant Start-up? #11


While remote working is easier than ever, working from home or the nearest Starbucks can quickly lose its appeal. Enter Desk Space Genie, a new website that advertises vacant desk space. The service helps businesses make a bit of money from their unused office space and enables cash-strapped freelancers or other small businesses to become more established.

Desk Space Genie lets space-seeking ‘deskers’ search for a space by postal code or town, contacting the advertisers directly. The site lists vacancies in most major cities around the UK, covering ‘all inclusive’ desk packages with wifi and other utilities, or more basic ‘pay for what you use’ services. The site is free to use until 1 May 2009.

Although plenty of general-use classified websites list office space for rent, Desk Space Genie is the first I have spotted that’s targeting this niche. Helping others save money and resources, it seems like a timely endeavor. One to create for deskers and desklords in your part of the world?

Do you think this would work in the US?  Are you the one to make it work?

HT: Springwise

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