Top 10 Hardest to Fill Jobs – 2009


We just released our Manpower Top 10 hardest positions to fill study (yes even in these tough recessionary times it is still difficult to fill some positions -crazy I know). Below are the results for America.

The top 10 jobs that employers are having difficulty filling across America are:

1.Technicians (primarily production/operations, engineering or maintenance
2.Production Operators
3. Accounting & Finance Staff
4. Laborers
5. Engineers
6. Sales Representatives
7. Management/Executives
8. Sales Managers
9. Skilled Trades
10.Secretaries, PAs, Administration Assistants & Office Support

Vacancies for technicians are the most difficult to fill for the second year in succession. After not appearing among the top 10 hard-to-fill positions in the 2008 survey, employers are identifying Accounting & Finance positions as the third most difficult to fill.

Click here to see the Global Study including America in a pdf format.

2 responses to “Top 10 Hardest to Fill Jobs – 2009

  1. This is an astonishing post. What are people trying to do? Don’t they realize that there are many opportunities in this time of economic hardships? A little hard work today will pay off immensely in the future. We’ll see if Americans are up for it…

  2. Interesting. I know two AAs currently looking for a job both of whom have great references and experience!

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