Full U.S. Unemployment Picture (Even the Hidden Numbers)

There are a lot of numbers and percentages thrown around in the world of employment, especially as it relates to unemployment. There are no shortage of people talking and writing about typical unemployment numbers as though they are an Area 51 conspiracy. The talk typically swirls around the ominous U6 unemployment number, and that everything else that is released is smoke and mirrors. The articles have a very Illuminati sound and intrigue attached to the words.

 While the U6 numbers are not talked about a whole lot, they are also not top secret. They are part of a list of unemployment numbers that give a full picture of the current state of unemployment. So does that mean the traditional percentages we hear are wrong? No, those percentages are accurate. As you will see the U6 includes a lot more data and information in its rendering. So in my quest to expose the on-going mystery’s in the world of work, I present to you the U6 — and a bunch of other unemployment data.

A12 May 2009

Click the image to make it larger.

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