Perfecting the Art of Employee Feedback


Below is from an article I recently wrote for the Des Moines Business Record about the importance and methods of employee feedback. This is a crucial topic especially during these times when companies are having to survive with less employees. Perfecting the art of feedback is what will keep those stretched employees engaged, motivated and productive.


Feedback is an interesting topic for a variety of reasons. I believe feedback is incredibly important when it comes to shaping your staff into your A team.

I love what former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry once said: “A coach makes people do what they don’t want to do to become what they want to be.” Though I am not a fan of the Cowboys, I have always been a fan of Tom Landry, and that quotation contains some of the best simple wisdom ever dispensed.

In most companies, I have noticed there is a philosophy along the lines of “feedback is a gift,” which is usually said right before they criticize you. Or they may say, “I have some constructive criticism I would like to share with you.” Who’s kidding whom? Criticism is still criticism.

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