Employee Skills Gap is Widening


Since the global recession has forced many employers to cut costs—including labor costs—one area may need a resurgence of investment: training.

U.S. employers continue to struggle with finding new hires who have not just the basic skills, but also higher-level critical thinking and creativity skills, according to a new report from The Conference Board. Since the education system is not supplying young workers with these skills, companies may have to devote more of their own resources to bringing workers up to their required skill levels.

Some options include providing internships and working more closely with community colleges. The goal should be to prepare workers before they go out into the job market.

“It is a losing strategy for employers to try to fill the workforce readiness gap on the job. They need to be involved much sooner to prepare new employees to succeed,” according to Donna Klein of Corporate Voices for Working Families, which worked with The Conference Board on the report.

Click here to read the full report.

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