College Job Fair Trends


The article below is from a piece I wrote for the Des Moines Business Record. With the economy being what it is, the typical landscape of hiring and firing have definitely changed. One of the changes I have noticed in particular is at college job fairs. While they have always been interesting, these times have made them even more so.


One of the things I get to do in my job is stay alert to the trends taking place and shaping the way people hire and fire. I tend to write about these trends when I see something that particularly stands out to me as being different from the norm. To be honest, I have recruited at more job fairs than I care to remember – numbering somewhere in the hundreds, I am sure.

Job fairs are interesting as a whole; it is almost a social experiment. You have people who for the most part just want the free stuff at your booth, you have the people who didn’t bring a resume but want you to interview them on the spot, and you have the people who are going booth to booth with their friends, dressed and acting completely unprofessional and yet wanting you to hire them. On the upside, you do meet a lot of very well-prepared professional people who attend job fairs and make them worth your time.
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One response to “College Job Fair Trends

  1. Nick
    I read your article and found it quite interesting and spot on.

    Given today’s economic and social climate, college graduates are finding it more difficult to find employment post graduation. Universities are challenged to help students find gainful employment, and typical college career fairs are down 35%. Industry leading employers are looking for ways to not only cut cost, but to also be more environmentally conscious, and therefore rely on virtual collaboration solutions where possible. brings the hiring company and student together in a virtual environment where the following happens

    1. Students register for the event via email
    2. Companies have a booth with the following
    a. Company video
    b. Company presentations
    c. Live chat
    d. Video interviewing
    e. Resume submission
    f. Job postings

    All of this at a fraction of the cost of sending recruiters on campus to attend career fairs and students can access from the comfort of their own dorm. The event is live for 90 days and accessible from any computer.

    We feel this service is long overdue and believe your readers would benefit from hearing of its availability.

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