Be Your Own Leadership Consultant


I recently wrote an article for the Des Moines Business Record on the importance of real leadership in the workplace. What I really tried to point out is how a real leader lives and thinks. I hope you will find this article helpful as you lead in your work, life and any other areas that you devote yourself too.


As the world and business continue to turn, grow and change, one thing is for sure. There is always a need for leaders – real leaders who do what they believe is right to move things forward and inspire others to come along. In times of struggle, leaders give hope; in times of uncertainty, they give direction. However, being a leader does not always mean having success; more times than not, it might mean failure. Being OK with failure, learning from it and moving forward may be the true definition of a real leader.

If you are reading this, you are probably in some form of leadership in your company. To be sure, though, being in a position of leadership is not the same as being a leader. I bet it wouldn’t take you long to think of people throughout your career who have been in positions of leadership but have been far from leaders. Maybe they lead by fear and intimidation or incompetence and blame. Real leadership is rare in the workplace.

A lot of companies bring in consultants to be leadership gurus and train their people how to lead. The only problem with that approach is that everyone is different; in leadership, one size does not fit all. Trying to form everyone with all of their different personalities and dispositions into one type of manager just ends up frustrating people.

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