Crazy Business or Brilliant Start-up #18


There are numerous tools out there for managing HR functions like time sheets and accounting, but employees’ paid leave has been all but overlooked. That’s according to strategic design firm Matter, which recently launched its answer to that need in the form of Perq.

Employee leave management is a complex task with potentially high stakes: companies lose millions or even billions of dollars in revenue each year without even knowing it because of unaccounted employee time off, says Atlanta-based Matter (which is not to be confused with the London company that goes by the same name). Enter Perq, a web application that’s designed to let companies easily create an online version of their employee leave policies, view a shared calendar, and manage leave requests, accrued time off and multiple benefit levels. Personalized dashboards and automated tracking make it easy to keep up with accrual and rollover, while a simple leave request process keeps staff and managers connected and informed. Perq is free for up to three users; beyond that, pricing starts at USD 9 per month for up to 10 users. The service is also available for licensing and deployment as a white label product for enterprises with special brand or security requirements.

Of course, Perq may scratch the employee-leave itch for companies in the English-speaking world, but it seems safe to assume there are plenty of small to medium-sized businesses in other parts of the globe with the same need. One to localize or adapt for HR managers in your neck of the woods…?*


* P.S. If you’re interested in translation or localization, Perq says to get in touch:

Original Source: Springwise

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