Humorous Leading Economic Indicators

According to an article recently published in Time magazine, men’s underwear sales is an economic indicator. Their top ten humorous leading economic indicators include:

  1. Appalachian Trail Hikers
  2. Immigrants in the U.S.
  3. Men’s Underwear Index
  4. The Reselling of Cemetery Plots
  5. Pro Football Games Blacked-Out on TV
  6. Fewer Babies Born, Fewer Babies Planned
  7. The Toughness of Marine Ads
  8. Coupon Redemption
  9. Long-Distance Relationships
  10. The Hot Waitress Index

Their articles summarizes: “You know the economy is struggling big time when your underwear is old, the armed forces don’t need recruits, there’s a hot resale market for cemetery plots, you can’t find the local pro football game on TV, your rich neighbors are clipping coupons, and your waitress looks like Megan Fox.” You can read more here.

Original Source: SIA

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