Crazy Business or Brilliant Start-up? #14


RunMyErrand is a web and mobile marketplace that gives individuals and businesses an easy way to get everyday tasks done. Members in need of help with errands begin by prepaying into an account of credits that will be used to pay the people who run them; 10 credits cost USD $13.00, and most errands range from 7 to 10 credits—equivalent to the same number of dollars—paid to the “runner.” They then post an errand they need to get done—picking up dry cleaning, for example, or dropping off a donation to Goodwill—along with the number of credits they’re willing to pay; additional amounts for tabs that need to be paid during the errand can also be included. RunMyErrand’s network of pre-qualified “runners” is then alerted immediately via email and text message. Generally within 10 minutes a runner accepts the errand, proceeding from there to coordinate with the “sender” and complete the errand within the specified timeframe. When the errand is complete, the sender confirms online; RunMyErrand then transfers payment into the runner’s account. To ensure quality, ratings, reviews, profiles and background checks for selected runners are all available. In addition to serving individuals, RunMyErrand also acts as an outsourcing delivery partner for locally owned retail businesses.

Besides simply helping busy people get things done, RunMyErrand promises environmental benefits by aggregating errands more efficiently and also offers sellsumers a flexible way to earn a little extra money as runners. Founded in early 2008, RunMyErrand was recently named by Facebook as a winner in its fbFund REV incubation program. It currently serves only the Boston area, however; are you the one to help bring this to a city near you…?

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